Thursday, September 24, 2009

Add Video
This is part of a short video that someone recorded
while brother Yanis and me were doing the bus program
when i used to be in bus 6. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

kids dying in peru , bureaucrats making profit out of it

This year alone 144 children under age of 5 have died of respiratory didease brought on the extreme cold in the high sierra 35 of the young victims where in puno,close to the place i will be flying next week. but what it gets me is the criminal indiference of local bureaucrats, who each year neglect to draw up a plan to bring aid to those suffering in the higest regions. Poor people who's children are dying of pneumonia strugglee to pay out from their own pockets for medicine and resppiratory maskitems for wich the local government has alrady receive funding.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

awesome orchestra

In the church i was visiting tonight. They had the awesomest orchestra ever ... i never went to a orchestra concert before but i believe those are amazing ... i could experience a little bit of that tonight in church. with more that 15 trumpets ,10 tubas 19 clarinets and many more instruments.. it was amazing!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

flight to huston in continental airlines

After staying up all night packing and weighting my bag so i dont go over the limit and get charged 25$ extra like the last time. I decided to go the continental airline website and check what the limit was .. and i got mad because now they are charging 15 $ for the first bag and 25 for the second one. but what it wasnt clear it was if they were going to charged me at the time i get my bags check in, or at the time i buy the tickets .. well i found out that i get charge for one bag at the time i buy the plainticket and if i have the a second bag check in i get charged 25$ extra at the airport. so what i did, i put 48 pounds of my stuff in one bag and the rest in my backpack and my hand suit case. it work pretty well becasue i dint have to pay the extra 25$ for a second bag. and because the plainticket to huston was a blessing. I dint even have to pay the 15$ fee for the first bag :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

laptop the best of the market

I just bought a laptop for a friend and after alot of search and many advises

is an hp i believe is one of the best on the market right now, not only for the price

of 599$ but also for its 4gb ddr2 memory ram and you can add it up to 4 more gb of ram ,250gb of memory hard drive etc... i am glad with this buy. i recomend this one.

Vendiendo a Jesus

Empacando para viajar y limpiando mi cuarto decidi tomarme un descanso, llame a casa y hablando con mi hermana hablamos de como el diablo trabaja bastante en los Lugares donde personas se estan preparando para servir a Dios y destruirles el futuro. estando yo en uno de estos Lugares puedo notar de cuan sutil trabaja el diablo. No hace mucho un amigo mio, que tenia una buena meta por delante como misionero, el encargado de algunos ministerios en su iglesia, ella sirviendo a Dios a tiempo completo etc. aquel amigo Decidio regresar a alguien de su pasado a quien el mismo me dijo tiempo atras, no era una buena influencia y que nunca queria tener nada que ver con esa persona. recien lo vi con esa persona, me llego a enterar que ya no esta con su enamorada. que dejo los ministerios que servia, todo resultado de un momento y lo peor que esta andando con la persona la cual me dijo que no era de Dios. todo por ese momento que se dejo llevar." el que piense estar firme ...mire que no caiga" de alguna u otra forma nos ha pasado. vendemos a Jesus por algo tonto. pero lo de bueno es que Jesus esta siempre listo a perdonarnos.